2016 – SPICE – HAI Prevention Conference

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The Circle of Care Indy Chapter’s 1st annual HAI Prevention Conference was an absolute success! I along with many of my colleagues had the privilege to attend this event at the beautiful Riley Hospital for Children Auditorium. Founder Kisha Miller and Indy Chapter President Lisa Wakeman did a great job putting everything together. Turnout was good and as to be expected with an inaugural event which included healthcare professionals from many area hospitals and healthcare facilities. It was great to have so many different disciplines converge in one room, from nursing and infection prevention to surgical technologists and sterile processing professionals.

Speaker Sharon Greene-Golden, former IAHCSMM President, was a pleasure to listen to. She was the keynote speaking at the conference and kept the attendees engaged and laughing the entire time. The way she mixes humor with serious subject matter was absolutely brilliant. Great way to keep everyone awake and ensure they are not only hearing what she is saying, but also retaining that information.

Heather Hohenberger was another speaker at the conference, who lives and works in the Indianapolis area. She gave a lot of good information that I’m sure resonated in all who attended. She is very well spoken and truly has a passion for what she does.

Throughout the conference there were several breaks in which attendees had the opportunity to network, chat with industry experts, and enjoy the plethora of food and beverages provided. Attendees also enjoyed one on one time with several interesting vendors including ORx Solutions and Restore to name a few.

The conference was wrapped up with a panel review including Sharon Green-Golden, Heather Hohenberger and Lisa Wakeman. Attendees received their certificates of participation upon completion of the conference to which was recognized by AORN, APIC, AST and IAHCSMM. Feedback from attendees was unanimous, they want more of the “Circle of Care” and intend on and eagerly await the 2nd annual conference!

This was written by our industry partner Chris Franklin.

Chris FranklinCSPDT, CSIS, CFER Founder, Editor in Chief of www.thespdnetwork.com our industry partner in the fight against HAIs.

Sterile Processing is one of the fastest growing industries in healthcare; it is also one of the most overlooked. With a growing number of hospital-acquired infections (HAI), the sterile processing department (SPD) is gaining more attention and regulations than ever. Together through our shared ideas, years of experience and knowledge, and genuine dedication to the advancement of surgical instrumentation we are doing our part in ensuring patient safety and the overall elimination of HAI’s as it pertains to surgical instrument reprocessing.

The SPD Network is based out of Indianapolis, IN with a focus on central Indiana and the surrounding states. It was created in order to unite sterile processing professions and lead the way for sterile processing, surgical technology, and the elimination of HAI’s. Our goal is to bring the most relevant news, information, and connections to you in one centralized place. Here you will be able to find information on conferences, continued education, job opportunities, information, resources, and much more.

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